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How to do Practice of Interview Questions ?

As it is said, practice makes a man perfect, it goes correct for interviewing too. Practice interview questions. The more you practice; more you are ready for a better interview and the more your chances for being selected for the job.

Practicing interview questions enables you to answer job questions easily. Mocking an interview with a professional is a way to make you comfortable with the interview beforehand. Another option is to practice it online. Both the ways demand some money but you may learn and practice interview questions in this way. Another simple way is to practice yourself. You can do it without the help of a professional career counselor or an online fee-based service too. You can take help of friends and family.

  1. Prepare a list of common interview questions. Prepare your answer for it and speak it out.
  2. Jot down the questions on pieces of paper or flash cards. Shuffle them and answer them randomly as they come. This will prepare you for surprise questions.
  3. Record yourself and see later on, either your responses sound good? Is your body language fine? Do you seem confident enough? Which parts in you need betterment? If you don’t have recording facility, assess yourself in front of the mirror.
  4. Recruit a friend to interview you. Give them a list of questions, which they should ask you. Make the other person feel free to point out your mistakes. Practicing with an acquaintance gives you the benefit of a friendly atmosphere. You can shake off your bashfulness here and go for the interview most confidently.
  5. Do full-dressed rehearsal. Dress up as you are going to dress up for the interview. This will give you the confidence for your dressing as well.
  6. Make interview space i.e. practice properly sitting on a table. This will make the practice formal and you will feel yourself more like giving an interview.

Sample Questions and their practice:

  1. Tell me about yourself. You should get at least three skills values, interests, achievements or aspects of your working style. List these skills in your mind. Tell them clearly and instantly when asked.
  2. What have been your reactions and accomplishments while faced with a change? Were you successful? What were the outcomes? For this, you need to keep in mind the factual details about your past experience. Highlight the competencies that the employer is looking for. Think of these beforehand so that you don’t need to scramble along your mind there. Narrate either STAR sequence (situation, task, action, result) or SAO sequence (situation, action, and outcome). Practice Describing the situation focusing on what you really did.
  3. How well do you cope with pressure?  Here describe an experience when you worked under pressure. Practice narrating three to four methods that you used to manage the pressure.
  4. If asked why the company should employ you, in advance list the key skills and corresponding examples you would use to respond to this interview question.
  5. What was your inclination while choosing the course? What you have learnt? Prepare three points for it in your mind. Tell the reasons demonstrating your ability.
  6. When asked about your weakness, be prepared to tell one which has the least connection with your job! For example, eating cold foods, drinking less water and the like. Swiftly come to the weakness that they may find out later on themselves. Couple a quality compensating it.
  7. Get yourself prepared for questions asking about you as a part of a team, your role and your achievements. Think of a time when you worked in a team and practice describing the situation, task, action and result (STAR) focusing on what you did to resolve the situation.
  8. In question about the most difficult problem you had solved practice describing the situation, focusing on your steadfastness.
  9. Which is your favorite subject and what have you learnt about it? Get yourself to answer this question, keeping in mind any three or four points that you can tell you learned. Be optimistic, zealous and excited about the subject.
  10.  What do you do when you are criticized?  Narrate any such experience, highlighting what you learned from it. Tell them that you have changed your strategies after being criticized and that nothing such would happen again that need criticism.

Such practicing can reveal the stress that is generally felt by most of the people before interviews. At the time of interview, you will be able to focus more on answering questions, rather than on thinking what and how to answer. It is always good to practice beforehand. The more familiar you are with the questions of the interview, the more comfortable you will be while you respond to the hiring manager. This practicing will help you not only once but for interviews forever. This will make sure you are successful for the interview and consequently, for the job.

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