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“Stay professional, stay light, and give the most appropriate response.”- Dan Finnigan.

If you ever had a chance to give an interview, you might have came across some questions that may be called intrusive, offensive, annoying and illegal. The questions which hit upon one’s personal details like age, race, national origin, disability, religion, marital status or sexual preferences are illegal and should not be answered. You would certainly be stunned and your first reaction would be that of getting offended. If the person doesn’t get the job then he may think, that any personal factor has become the reason in his unemployment. It would cause mental unrest among people.

There are four simple ways to tackle such questions:

  1. It’s not an obligation to answer such questions, but if you are confident enough to answer them, as you should be, just do it plainly and decently.
  2. Simply refuse to answer, saying that the question is out of the track. Take care not to get offensive here.
  3. Another easy way is to turn the tables. Ask the same question from the interviewer, he might show you a better way out. Be polite at any cost! This trick may further the interview easily and take you to the right place.
  4. Answer the intent of the question. Imagine what would be the next question of the interviewer and try to answer that. Doing this, you won’t have to answer that particular offensive question and you will satisfy the employer too.

When such question is asked you’ve got to remain unemotional when inappropriate questions come your way,” says Hirsch. You have to stay diplomatic. “Saying you prefer not to answer is more thoughtful and classy,” .You have to be honest about everything. Don’t feel shy or timid about the wrongs you haven’t done.

The questions which the employers should not ask cover these areas:

  1. Personal life,
  2.  Children
  3. Disability
  4. Country of origin,

Your age sometimes matters in the job and you may be asked about it for that purpose. You can either tell the age plainly or say that age is of no concern to the job.

Your national details might be asked to gauge the capacity of your hold over certain languages, state issues, or civic eligibilities. Either you can tell the matter simply or you can say that these particulars have nothing to do with your working capabilities.

Your credits are asked by certain employees especially when you apply for a job related to finance and banking positions. Sometimes it is checked too but with your permission. There is no harm in letting them do so if it really wins for you the situation.

Your criminal record might be highlighted during the interview. There is no harm in proving yourself the right person in any way. You can confidently tell that there is nothing shady in your past and that there is nothing which is going to blot your position.

You might be asked about your physical and mental capabilities. The employer may ask that whether you are able to carry yourself perfectly, physically in the job. Either you are able to lift heavy weights, stand for long times, stay awake for long hours, sit in the same position for long hours and so on. These are not illegal, but if someone begins inquiring about your color, height, weight, or any other physical or mental illness you can simply say that no disability of yours will prove a hindrance to your working capability. It is unlawful for an employer to disqualify an applicant on the basis of a disability.

Family status might be asked for guessing your work availability, to see either you are able to set yourself according to schedule or not. You are not there to tell the details about your family members. If you are willing to answer the question on this topic, you can simply do so by saying that you are able to perform all the duties that the job demands.

An interviewer can ask either you are available during the normal hours of working of the business. An interviewer cannot ask your religious affiliation it is illegal that your place of worship or beliefs be asked. you may reply that your faith will not interfere with your job.

You have to be wise about answering these questions. Certain laws forbid asking questions that are not related to the job. These and other irritating questions may not be intentional, the interviewer might have asked only to make a course of conversation or might have been asked accidently. You have to deal with such questions with great intelligence and your job will come to you itself!

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